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Lemon Apron For Child
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This is a Child's Apron. It has a lemon print and black and white stripes. You may tell us any name you'd like to have personalized on the apron. Initials are also fine.
Lemon Apron For Mom
4-6 8-12 14-16

This is a limited time offer for our special Mother's this Mother's Day. 

The Apron is completely designed and sewn by Scottashjianforsenate. Made from a Polyester/Cotton fabric, it has a very nice weight and quality to it. The skirt part of the apron has a little bit of cute flair to it. 

You may personalize the front of the apron with any name you would like. I will make it look special for you.

Some ideas are: 

Mom's Kitchen

Kimberly's Baking Again

Jessica and Family Bakery

Whatever comes to mind when you think about Mom cooking wonderful treats for your family.  

There are children aprons to match Mom, get one for the whole family. 

Child Apron Black & White Striped
old old old
This is a Child's Apron. It is black and white striped with personalization. There is a lemon slice over the name or initials. You may tell us any time you'd like to have personalized on the apron.
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